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Voice Lessons

Discover your voice and the song in your heart.

The NewSong approach to voice instruction is grounded in the latest research in voice science, using an in-depth understanding of voice physiology and function to support healthy singing in every genre. The goal is for students to safely explore their full vocal and artistic potential, equipping them with skills to communicate effectively with their unique voice. NewSong is also a great place for professional voice users (ie. teachers, public speakers) to learn healthy, sustainable, and effective communication strategies and voice care.

There's SO MUCH included in a NewSong lesson "hour"

One-on-one sessions tailored to your needs and goals.

Access to MyMusicStaff software for easy access to lesson notes, resources, account information and scheduling.

Support for your artistic endeavours including promotion on NewSong social channels, cheering squad for performances, encouragement and debriefing for major musical milestones.

Flexibility to have lessons virtually or in the cozy, welcoming NewSong studio.

Connections to relevant opportunities to perform, audition, compete, take exams, join musical groups, apply for continued musical education and support throughout the application and audition process.

Feedback through in-studio group classes and performances.

Music researched and chosen for you tailored to your goals and tastes AND the option to bring in your own music for me to learn and dive into with you.

Coaching in skills that support your vocal practice (like vocal health, overcoming performance anxiety and stress, practice time management, memorization strategies and more!)

Resources and recorded practice tracks for diction when singing in English, French, German, or Italian (for classical singers).

Confidence knowing I am staying up-to-date with the latest developments in vocal pedagogy and science.

Celebration of your voice every spring with the backyard concert and garden party!

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